Join our team (Part 2)

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Alright, we're here now.

There we go! Okay so I think I have an idea let me test somethint


Yeah idk how I’m gonna do this, I had an idea to make a radar that reflects off walls so you can see a little but that is alot

Isn't that technically raymarching?

Kind of but I have no idea how you would do radars

Actually I think I’ve got an idea

I forgor what this game was
can someone remind me

It was a top-down dungeon crawler.

So my idea is that if the ray length is bigger than 100 go 100 steps and start scanning again repeat 3 times max

oh yeah
I thought of an idea
what if I use some blocks I created and make this thing work with multiplayer

Yeah, that sounds great!

couldn’t you guys just use griffpatch’s tutorials for scratch and then just code them in snap

I mean, I like the idea of multiplayer.
It's just way to complex to code into snap!

I made some blocks that make mqtt multiplayer
way easier to do

Only issue is uhh yeah that’s complicated

Well, i mean, joecooldoo did make an Online Shooter.
So, we know it's possible.

That uses a ray marching like this?

Not raymarching, no.

am I invisibile or are you guys just ignoring me