Join our team (Part 2)

Good, I did a little local side programming, it should move a lot smoother


This should be the final version, refresh the page

Yep, it's working. It's just really laggy.

Okay one more time let me try and see if this works

Alrighty then.

Refresh and try moving
It should be a lot faster and if you get an error just restart the project

Currently refreshing...
Alright I'm moving around.

It works! Keep moving


Do you see it?


Now let’s test screen scrolling

Alright. I'll have to try it later, though. I need to finish something for my health class atm.

Oh that’s fine, I’m just happy it’s working

Alright, cya.

I’m glad you guys got it working
but how are you going to make random generation that is the same across the cloud

There isn’t random generation, the random generation is only used to make a user id

I thought that the creator of the original post wanted that

I don’t see why we would need randomness, if we need it we can use my old fast-seed rng algorithm