Join our team (Part 2)

Try now

I got it to work almost! I just have to differentiate you from others

It should work now!!

Yeah, I think it does work!

Okay I updated it a bit try it now and tell me when u are playing so I can see if it works

Alright, I've loaded the project up.

Did it work?

The other player is moving.

Send a ssssss

Sorry, how do I do that?

Nvm I fully fixed it now everything should work

So should i reload?

Yes, check to make sure there’s a “split by json” in this script

Alright, I reloaded it.

There is a split by json.

Than it should be working restart the project and move around a little bit

Alright, I'm moving around.

Is the other one moving.


What is it saying?

A 4-item list.