JavaScript equivalent of start sound block

audioData refers to current loaded data. Not src

Audio takes time to load. When you clone, will the cloned audio have to reload the src?

My bad; I had completely misunderstood your question until now. I don't know how to check the audioData, so somebody else would have to answer your question.

it seems like snap can play 2 same sounds at the same time, even if one hasn't finished playing

Confirmed I tried out snap editor.
This we need @jens or @bh to explain the code that creates this:

please don't call me out in the forum, except for emergencies in Snap, but not because you want to know anything about JS.

This is not a JS forum.

Srry then could you at least explain the code that makes multiple sound playing possible?
Multiple sound playing refers to ability to play multiple copies of one same sound at once

Yes but it is BASED on snap blocks

Okay, but it's still JavaScript help. Go to stackoverflow if you want JavaScript help. This is not the place for it. @bh can you close this?

StackOverFlow: Question limit reached

ok then find a different forum.

Tried codeproject, gamedev stackexchange
thats why I came here
HERE was my last resort

okay, well even so, this is not a place for javascript help.

:frowning: this is not a place for declining help tho

yes but

very UNhelpful for an forum that helps

and I found it out myself...
It seems like it reloads

A Snap! forum.

Yes, but would a question about planting flowers be appropriate here?