JavaScript equivalent of start sound block

I know this is a JavaScript question but I hope you guys can help me find the answer

I tried getting help but no luck
I hope you guys can help

Create a new audio element, set its src attribute to the same source, and run its play method.

function startSound(source) {
  let aud = document.createElement("audio");
  aud.src = source;;

Does that work?

No like startSound if you start it multiple times, the old sound continues playing, while the new sound starts and mixes in
Anybody could play ONE sound.
But the main question is, if I clone an node, will the node be cloned with the parent's audiodata or will the audiodata reload?

If you create a new audio element and play it, the previous audio element should still be playing the sound while the new one starts.

"Cloning a node copies all of its attributes and their values"
There's not really a parent, but I think the audiodata will be copied.

Has this been tested before

I just had to different audio elements playing the same (remote) source, but I hadn't fully tested my method.
EDIT: I just tested it with a server-local and it worked. The document may need to be interacted with for the sound to start initially.

Well tell me the results when you are done :white_check_mark:

so it works now?

That's what I said.

So how did you find out it works? Using the network method?

using network tab and see if the audio request has been repeated twice or not?

On Replit
function startSound(source) {
let aud = document.createElement("audio");
aud.src = source;;

Nooooooo not that I was talking about
if you cloneNode an audio, does the audio just copy the node or its audiodata along with it

Do you have any more questions?

I need proof tho this works

let a = document.createElement("audio");
a.src = "";
let b = a.cloneNode();

audioData refers to current loaded data. Not src

Audio takes time to load. When you clone, will the cloned audio have to reload the src?

My bad; I had completely misunderstood your question until now. I don't know how to check the audioData, so somebody else would have to answer your question.

it seems like snap can play 2 same sounds at the same time, even if one hasn't finished playing