Introducing... WireNet VM!

Introducing WIreNet VM!

The world's first public VM Simulator on Snap!

Starting out with the 4 Major OSes of Snap!

SnipOS 4




More coming soon!

TL;DR: World's First Public Virtual Machine on Snap!

check it out: WireNet VM

Whats wrong with my post?

It's not a whole os, I only have 10MB for the project ok? it's an os simulator (one of the best on snap!), and check in the new update coming out next week, Also why are you trying to convince us to stop seeing that you are a part of our team?

..aren't those just hyposyn os's?

No, lunar, glass, and arctic arent.

This technically isn't a virtual machine because you are running Snap! Code, not some other language that needs to be converted. Also, it's not sandboxed, which a virtual machine also does.

Well, it's in snap! so.

Yes but virtual machines emulate different languages. So if your project was an actual virtual machine, you would be running something like Linux.

Yeah, i know. i just made it to easily look at other operating systems.

Okay, but the title is misleading

I'll change it since it's a simulator.

This is a VM Simulator not a real VM, as that is impossible in Snap! (as of right now)

Not unless you make some sort of interpreter

oh yeah

LunarOS was a OS simulator (maybe best of its time) made by Joe, myself, and 1800 (originally Joe and myself). You can find it here. (I would like to make a LunarOS2 (hint hint) but idk.

PS: who runs @Hyposyn account?

If you were to make one, I could help with it. The hyposyn account will be run by hyposyn studios members so like you and joe. Though, it's currently primarily run by me.

Ok, I would like access to it.

Who ever flagged my post should be ashamed of wasting the moderator's time. It was our official business website.

im a member

you realize not everyone can access replit, correct?

Yeah, if you want the passcode ill message you on somewhere.