Introducing The G.R.O.S. Game Rating System

The Rating System has been updates, view this topic to see the updated one

July 2022 Updates Ratings - G.R.O.S

Today I was reading @slate_technologies's rating on dyeio2 when I realized, we dont have a rating system. So i am making one!

G.R.O.S. - Game Ratings Of Snap! is a rating a system I made to rate games!

first off

Age Ratings

Here they are!

All - All ages, This is a game for all ages.

10+ - Ages 10+

T12+ - Ages 12+ (Teens)

M16+ - Ages 16+

UPDATE: If you send us a game with the following: Sexual content, Encouraging drugs, and anything else will not be tolerated, Your game will be declined and reported.

Game Ratings

You rate a game from 1 to 10.
higher rating = higher total rating, lower rating = lower total rating.

Here are the awards you get from high ratings!


10 - 10,9 or 8/10 ratings


25 - 10,9 or 8/10 ratings


50 - 10,9 or 8/10 ratings


100 - 10,9 or 8/10 ratings

If you have any questions, or would like to have your game rated. Reply to this topic!

That's all!

Wait, this is your rating system?

yes. I will give games awards for what the players of their games rate it.

Umm I think we would prefer that such games not be published here.

Yep. I agree.

Oh i meant to clarify, As in 18+ i mean like extremely violent or something, not sexual content but if you dont want these types of 18+ games i can remove them, Actually ill just remove them because there's really no need for it

same, i think funtime foxy posted 18+ content in a project like come on, this is a software with kids in mind.

Well, more like 10+ or something.

yeah like pre-teens and teens.

Personally I'd find the former more problematic than the latter -- but let's just not have either kind.

I find this system problematic. Why are you (sladescar) fit to judge others’ projects? What if their project is something you know nothing about?

I look, play and note at there project and i determine the rating, Like how i did with @manman 's project

idk, i want a whole team to judge but like im only doing this because there is none.

Imo every game published on Snap! should be appropriate for a 12 year old and anyone older.
My proposition:
1: Category for games aimed at 1-5 years old
2: Category for games not for 1-5 years old but content fine for them
3: Category for games for 8+
4: Category for games 12+
5: Games not endorsed (by whoever rates them) to be on Snap! due to content.
In my opinion, thematic content should also matter less than what's directly shown on screen, but still somewhat.

i do like that.

maybe like

All Ages,
Ages 8+,
And Ages 12+