July 2022 Updates Ratings - G.R.O.S


If you dont know what G.R.O.S. is view this topic: Introducing The G.R.O.S. Game Rating System

Anyway, here are the

Age ratings

AA - All ages (4-99)

A10+ - Advance, (Ages 10+)

T12+ - Teens, Ages (11,12+)

T16+ - Mature Teens, (15,16+)

RP - Rating Pending

(I will also rate other games such as Gamefroot, Scratch and CODE games!)

Game Ratings

(One 10,9 or 8/10 rating is 1 Star)

10 Stars = Silver

25 Stars = Gold

50 Stars = Platinum

75 Stars = Multi Platinum

100 Stars = Diamond


Highest rated game of the month (Game of the Month Award)

Highest rated game of the year (Game of the Year Award)

Highest rated game of all time (Greatest Game Award)

We would like more judges

(Request to the community part)

I can't rate all the games on Snap!, so we need more people to judge!
If you want to, reply to this topic!

That's all!


Your game must also follow the Snap! Guidelines, View them here.


Can I be a judge?


also guys, games must follow Snap! guidelines, no sexual content, no encouraging drugs, no highly graphic and specified gore, etc.

What happens when a 100 year old plays an AA game? Unsettling...

What happens when a 100 year old plays COD…

"I prefer Wolfenstein. Brings me back."

Yes, they must follow the guidelines for Snap! and G.R.O.S.

Yes! i will give you access to a collection of games that i determine the rating and you can tell me on the forums what your rating is.