G.R.O.S. Weekly Report #1!

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Is you don't know what G.R.O.S. is then read this topic: Introducing The G.R.O.S. Game Rating System

To get your game partnered with G.R.O.S. read this topic:How to request a G.R.O.S. rating for your game on Snap!

Now then, Let's continue.

Partnered Games

As of June 30th 2022, we have **3** Games partnered with G.R.O.S! They are:

- Money Tycoon - earthrulerr, Age Rating: G.R.O.S. [AA - All Ages]
  • WW1 British Shooter Game - earthrulerr, Age Rating: G.R.O.S. A10+ [A10+ Advance, Fantasy Violence]

  • Cookie Clicker - earthrulerr, Age Rating: G.R.O.S. [AA - All Ages]

Message for the developer:

@earthrulerr make sure to put the age ratings in all your partnered games!



We have one award to hand out,

Congratulations Earthrulerr! for being the first non-gros judge to receive a game rating!
(put this text on your forum bio: "First non-gros judge to receive a game rating!"


We have updated the system, the update will be posted tomorrow.

We are still looking for judges!

if you would like to to become one, reply to this!

That's all for now!

with that being said, i know would like to become a judge.

lmao. sure! ill invite you to edit the collection