Introducing SnipOS 7 Blue Ridge

The best update of SnipOS so far!

This new update includes file sharing, improved quality of software, and more!

Welcome to SnipOS 7: Blue Ridge.

Version 1.0.0, (OS7 Build: 1000)

SnipOS is an operating system simulator by Hyposyn Software. Remember, this is an operating system simulator, and is not to be compared to something like macOS Ventura, or Windows 11.

SnipOS 7 is the new, most powerful application that hyposyn has made on Snap!

Featured Feature: Fusion (Beta)
Fusion lets you run two (supported) apps at once!

In OS7, (and OS6) we have decided to use applications curated by the hyposyn & Snap! community!

Here is some info for some apps for SnipOS 7!

LXP Studio
Hyposyn's most powerful DAW yet for advance users. with auto-play recording, over 15 piano instruments, and 10x faster then Hydro Tracks without turbo mode

2 note apps, QuickNote, and Hyposyn Notes, open hyposyn notes in files and save unlimited notes.

Hyposyn Maps.
One of the most powerful applications on SnipOS 7, is a google maps alternative.
Press "Space" to set the location to a custom longitude and latitude.

All SnipOS 7 sessions come with 32HB (Hyposyn Bytes) to save the system from crashing. You can expand the storage using codes, though, it increases the chance of errors in applications like Paint and Notebook.
(Basically, a middle-ground between KB and MB, still in alpha testing though.)
(this is for saving notes and keys via browser cookies and keys, its not really done yet.)

Check it out now! SnipOS 7 Blue Ridge

Actually,HB means hecta bytes,and a hectabyte is 128 bytes

you're making up terminology here, but not really explaining it. what actually is a "hyposyn byte" and why do you put your brand name on it? is it unlikely others would use the same process? why 32? why do you need "a middle ground between KB and MB"? can't you just say a number of KB? how big exactly is it? why would more of it cause errors?

I explained it in os5,

Because of snap!'s cloud being maxed out at 10mb per project

Also, HB isnt really even public yet, it just supports it.

in os5 or in a forum thread about os5? i don't think people would've memorized the information about either. i don't know where i would find it.

pretty sure that decides whether the project can be uploaded, not what the user can do with it. what are "hyposyn bytes" even for?

Its not a real unit of measurement, its just for looks. (on Snap! at least

whats the point of the browser if it doesn't work
and yes I know its my code, but it still doesn't work

hyposyn serarch


i swear i remember you saying before that os7 wouldn't fake things

this asterisk doesn't lead to a footnote

I mean it kinda is, but its proprietary

I need to update that, its copy and pasted.

I'm getting close to releasing my OS

Nice. I really need a competitor.

it isn't proprietary. you uploaded it to snap, so it has a cc by-nc-sa license. "proprietary" has nothing to do with what i'm talking about anyways.

Ok so look, i think you might be confused about it, because i didnt fully explain it, Its basically so that the coldfusion graphics processer can have some space to create copies of it's self, and delete them when activated. Its like back-up memory for graphics atm.

(TL;DR: its so SnipOS can run smoothly while being a 8mb piece of software with apps running in the background.)

its 8mb?