Infinity Craft (Collab?)

anyone want to collab on making Infinity Craft in Snap!

the only problem i see is filtering inappropriate stuff

What is this game? Can you explain what is this?

look it up

Infinite Craft is a web game by that uses AI to determine what the result of two combined "elements" should be. It is then added to a database

Oh, I see.
Something like this?
Combine 75% Fox and 25% Wolf

no. not even close

which can be made with mqtt. the only problem i have is that i have only been able to find a free http request for image generation AI. not text

No, you combine two different objects to make a completely new object. For example, combining water and fire makes steam.

I put a few random objects together and got this, I assume it's because AI is choosing what the results are when you combine things.
Screenshot 2024-06-05 11.13.30 AM

Why don't you go play the game yourself?

more like fire+water=steam

Forcing all mixtures to be predefined instead of being AI-generated would ruin the purpose of the game (hence the name "Infinite Craft", where it was supposed to go on forever).

Take a look at the website yourself if you still don't know how it works:

we need a AI first

also, most of them are paid, which is why i hate money and consider it as useless (because its literally paper and we basically give it to people and get it from people, you shouldnt trade paper to get things)

Keep searchin'. One day you stumble upon a free AI.

Don't know if this helps but PenguinMod has an extension that allows usage of AI for free. And I mean it.

well according to open AI chat gpt 4 is supposed to be completely free even for API use

its blocked in so many countries, including mine

so i cant use it

lol what

PenguinMod's ChatGPT really isn't free. The person who pays for it is actually the one who made the extension, and they check to make sure there aren't any idiots who make projects to automatically ask ChatGPT questions all night and put him in debt.

ChatGPT is banned by Iran's firewall I believe (many countries have national firewalls, not just China or North Korea

Why don't we make our own AI? I saw a 3blue1brown video explaining how GPTs work, and it's

1 making AI isnt really super complicated making a program to train and deal with inputs and outputs is the more annoying/complicated part (side note where are you getting the data to train it). lastly no one wants to wait a week before getting a response.