Infinity Craft (Collab?)

thats true

the internet in my country is very restricted, you cant access a AI for some reason, like, AI is stupid, it cant draw a circle, a chance of a AI rebellion is unlikely, unless someone creates a AI without any restrictions, meaning you could create a nuke with the AI

doesnt sound like you understand how AI works

AI is basically a computer where it has to train to act like a normal human and not a caveman (from my views)



He said he was born with an "underdeveloped brain". I wonder why that got flagged.

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Saying he doesn't know what an AI is because of his underdeveloped brain isn't off-topic, he's talking about AI and his underdeveloped brain. And it was obviously a joke, too.

Oh yeah i will definetly help

It sounded more like self deprecation, something I'm all too familiar with