I'm working on a 2D sandbox/exploring game

I'm thinking of making a game similar to Terraria & Minecraft! You guys have any suggestions on what to add? (I will credit anyone who helped me when the project is published! :slight_smile: )

Here's the link for the project, but I'm thinking the world generation could be a lot better: 2D Terrain Generator by oscar robinson - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

I've also taken inspiration from this project that has a similar concept: terrain generator by lenolenoleno8 - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

ok! nice

i can make an inventory system.
This reminds me of the time I help DkUniverse with a similar project, so this should be easy.

cool! :smiley:

Im currently at school, I will do it when I get home.

alright thats okay

ok thanks

I would like to remake the world generation and use perlinoise. Kind of like this: Perlin Terrain Generation by 8biteli - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

Also there are many other examples to look at on Scratch. Just search "perlin"

Thaz kewl

Yea. So I'm thinking every time you play, it'll be a different experience, so I'd like to work on procedural world generation! I know I'll be using perlinoise, but I wanna do it with my own code and not someone else's, so I don't know where to start... :frowning:

If its anything like Terraria and Minecraft, then there would be a lot of blocks. Maybe take after Terraria's idea of hammering blocks to change how the look.

Also, here are some ideas of things to add: wax, steel, bronze, brass, cement, asphalt, concrete

Good suggestions! But, for now, I'm worried about how I'm going to generate worlds via perlinoise

I have no idea how to do perlinoise, but maybe this could help?

I would first focus on the original world generation, then maybe mix things up. I think the "go to random position" might be your best friend. If you can set parameters for each random position, then I believe that it is possible to cause random generation. Other than that I don't exactly know what to do. I would advise against creating your own from scratch, but if you do, at least take insipiration from other perlinoise codes.

ok ok

@oscar_robinson I'm doing the inventory system and item system, so dont let anybody take that please.


also I made a "noob sword"