I'm making a game called "Moon Crash Survivor", who wants to help?

And yes, I will leave in 5 days. So I'll have to abandon this collab :(

Im going to have to abandon the collab, too. Im turning in my chromebook next week :(



I wana join.


You watch Kurzgesagt too?

yes, i do

IDEA: It would be multiplayer so people could try not to die with other people.

maybe, maybe not

It could probably be an SCP-3008 type of game, where people work together to make a base, find the last of the food and materials, and survive that way. It could also be a Scrap Mechanic type of game where people build a rocket and leave before the world ends.

It's basically Minecraft, in other words, but with a clear goal.

In Minecraft, you can choose to win or you can choose to just play as it is (Just build houses, set villages on fir-)
I didn't even know there was an End before my brother found a tutorial on how to "beat" the game and then we made a End portal. And beat the game on Creative mode like the noob gamers we are.

Yeah that sounds nice.

I think an isometric top-down type of game is good.


also is this dead yet lol

Rude much?

Also @here I'm holding off this project until next year because we have to turn in our chromebooks next week.

I got pinged… @here ?

Aaaaaaand you just pinged everyone here again

wait @ here actually works?

I dont know, does it?

Apparently it does. I got two notifications.

I was being sarcastic, I know it works.

Also SHHHHH I'm watching RobolotCon while being angry my school restricts all live yt vids so i couldnt watch it live


And another thing: @oofpaste249 DOES EMILY FRIES NOT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE KADEN'S GF??