I'm making a game called "Moon Crash Survivor", who wants to help?

Oh okay. Allow yourself to show me.

One sec, I need to dig in my files

Okay! It's fine.

I cant find it, sorry

Oh. Well did you save it online?

No, I made it on the bus

I don’t know what I could help with… what do you think I could do if I joined?

Do you want to be a script maker, a programmer, or a graphic artist

In America, you crash on moon.
In Soviet Russia, moon crash on YOU.


And in Soviet Russia, the government will look for the moon. He will find the moon. And he will kill the moon.

Well that will be easy, it will be in a ring around earth! But then he cant kill it if its 1. not alive and 2. already dead

Hmhmhmmhjmm I could do healthbar? Like this: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/677836980/

I don’t want a ring around me:;

scratch is blocked ;-;

Dont worry, I don't have any interest in marrying you :D


yup, they absolutely hate scratch for some reason. its not even the extension blocking it like it normally does, they set it up on the computer its self

I'm back. I was banned.

For what?
Well, I guess thats none of my business

Well I got my home IP banned so this probably isnt going to happen this year