I'm making a game called "Moon Crash Survivor", who wants to help?

First, watch this video

spoiler alert

its not as death defying as you think

another spoil

not everyone dies



and then we'll talk

.. so it’s gonna be like a story game

I want to help!

Will it be a Top-Down 2D, or a Side-Scroller 2D, a Point-and-Click, or something else?


Idk yet, but it follows what happens in the vid, and if you do everything correct, you'll live and win

I want to help, can you add a quick briefing of the basic game mechanics?

also moon crash is misleading since the moon doesn't actually doesn't hit, you might call it like something less specific

I haven't started yet. We will start 2022-04-27T00:30:00Z

Oh, okay

Fine by me.

How'd you get that link almost that gives different times for different time zones?

click the calendar button

Oh. I see what you mean.

Okay, @here, have you all watched the video?




@here Production officially begins in 10 minutes! I need to know whos going to be the graphic artist, some coders, etc etc. I'll code and be a script writer

Sorry that I'm replying to you late. But anyways I want to code and do some graphics.

The script so far:

*moon barely moves towards earth*
Text: The moon is plummeting towards earth
Button: Start!
When started:
Text: Day 1 - 11
Text: Barely anyone besides scientists notices the moon moving, but a lot of people notice the tides changing

Yeah thats all I have

So I'll make some sort of cutscene that shows the days. I will make it SCP-3008 Roblox style. You know that screen that shows when you die?

I haven't played Roblox SCP-3008 for a long time. I want the game to be cartoony 2D. I already have a moon graphic