How to unhide categories

I have somehow managed to accidentally hide the entirety of the Sensing category of blocks. The only way I can access my Sensing blocks is to search from a different category. Has anyone else experienced such a thing? Reloading the project, copying the project, and restarting my browser and computer have all been tried to no avail.

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Can you share the project?

Right click the block pallette, then click hide blocks. In the dialog, uncheck all the blocks you want to show, or just right click the dialog background and click none.

That totally works in all the other categories.

The problem is that in the Sensing category, the palette is completely void of everything including the blocks, the "Make a block" button, search (the magnifying glass button), and add (the plus button).

I wish I could share a screencast of what I am experiencing.

edit: actually can you share the project link? If you can't share a link, then just put `` around the link (it tricks the forum into thinking it's not a link).

Have you made any custom blocks in the sensing category? If so, can you share their names (and input names). I think the issue might be some character in a custom block name that is making snap break.

Of course if you could check the browser console, then that would also be great (this just seems like an error is occurring when drawing the palette).

Does the “sensing” category still exist in your project?
Are blocks still detected by,… ?


I went into the xml file for the project, and it turns out there were a bunch of duplicated block defenitions. I removed them manually, then loaded it back into snap, and it worked just fine.

Of course I did format the xml for easier editing, then minified it, so I don't know if that did anything else to fix it.

You somehow (macro, XML editing) managed to define multiple wrong "ask for contact %info" blocks.
"%" can't be a part of the block name.