How do i share snap projects?

How do i share snap projects?

In the Open or Save As dialog, click "Share"; then, look in the URL bar at the top of your browser window. It will be a new URL that you can copy and paste into emails or whatever, to share with your friends.

Ok i found it but its not working

Hi @mesyeti I use it continuously... and it's working ok

And soon, we will be able to share and publish our projects from Snap! social web.


Yes but i click share and nothing happened. And I look in the URL box and it didnt change

That probably means you didn't select a project from the list before clicking the button. Having it in the search bar isn't enough. (That's a misfeature, @jens and @bromagosa.)

Pseudo-agreed. I've been thinking for a while that, when searching, if there's only one project left in the list, it should automatically get selected (and unselected again when if the list grows back).

One thing at a time though. We've got a lot on our plates.

Oh indeed. Nothing but showstoppers right now.

I'm not opposed to that, but I think we might want to be careful there... Just because there's one thing left it doesn't mean it's what you expected it to be. (Unless, it's like always selecting the top item, but I probably wouldn't do that anywhere near a delete button.)

But also, the above issue really should be solved/aided by having Snap!'s buttons look visibly different depending upon the state. They should be disabled when no project is selected.
It shouldn't even be possible to click a button that does a no-op like that.

No, it should do what the user obviously intended. Yeah, with a confirmation if you click delete. But we shouldn't grey out buttons in order to turn an undocumented misfeature into a documented misfeature.

I think you're misunderstanding my point -- there's always at least an initial case where a project isn't selected. And even when there's only 1 project shown it can be deselected. The buttons are confusing even when there's dozens of projects. Communicating when something can/can't be done lets users figure things out.

We should never have buttons that you click that do nothing. This isn't the only case of that.

It's not completely clear what the user intended. There are plenty of times you filter lists and it's not what you want. Even then, a state when auto-toggles between a selected and unselected state can be odd. It'd honestly be less confusing to always have the first project selected -- though I feel like this could lead to accidents, but the behavior would be expected.

I could live with that.