How to make an app for SnipOS!

(After you've done this, visit this post if you plan to submit it: How to submit your software to Hyposyn!)

2 Add a title bar, with a title (optional), an Exit Button (Required) a suspend button (optional), and maximize button. (optional.)

  1. Make the exit button's script something like this:
    Youre Late! script pic

Your Welcome!!

No! Don't set the costume name with symbols! You can break the entire project!


certain characters can mess up the syntax of the XML, unless the devs fixed it or something

Oh Ok

I tested that out, and I did not encounter that bug. If it really is a bug, please report it and show examples of it happening. You should be safe to name costumes with understandable names.

Ok then, it must have been patched.

Wow! Thank you so much for this tutorial! Really helped, I'm planning on pushing out a new app after "You're Late".

Are you going to fix this

oh yeah sorry. i will.