Introducing SnipOS 9

"Ugh another SnipOS with the same OS4 Future UI"

Introducing Future UI 4.2 and SmartSideUI 1 on SnipOS 9!

SnipOS 9 has 2 UIs, and is the better version of SnipOS 8.

Everything has been worked on, for both we have been able to cut some size off and still keep major apps on.

You are still able to make your own apps for SnipOS by using this tutorial: How to make an app for SnipOS!

SmartSideUI is not permanent we are currently working on a new UI like PaperUI and future UI.

Check them both out!

SnipOS 9

SnipOS 9 (with SmartSideUI)

I can't turn off the camera with the newer UI. Also not much has changed in the most recent updates. They all look the same to me.

I like snipOS

There will be major changes in the next update, i promise, I'm working on them now.


your welcome

I submitted my game, you just need to change this
Dodgeball for snipos script pic
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