How to submit your software to Hyposyn!

While submitting your software, keep in mind these things,

  • Try to keep it under 1.5MB (Incase yours has been chosen for something like SnipOS because Snap! limits cloud projects to 10MB as of writing)
  • Make sure it's high-quality and fits our standards (we will talk about that later on in this post)
  • It has to follow the Snap! ToS, and the SnipOS/Hyposyn Software ToS
View our ToS (last updated 11/04/22)

SnipOS Terms Of Service

(Note that you must also follow the ToS of Snap! To use SnipOS.)

This is not some agreement saying you can’t fork this software. We are an open-source project and run under the Snap! CC license, however our creator, sladescar with his trademarked name, you cannot say you 100% made SnipOS and claim it as yours or impersonate sladescar by saying that you made SnipOS.

While making a fork of Snip, you must follow these rules, you may not have to follow some of them unless you do publish your version.

Your version cannot do the following:

  • Extreme violence, Blood/Gore content, any acts of terrorism, etc.
  • Sexual Content/Pornography, Adult Jokes/Sexual Jokes.
  • Games that break the Snap! ToS (NtA rsos/gros Games)
  • Copyrighted Content (Unless you have permission)
  • Cyberbullying, Harassment, etc.
  • Any Racist, Homophobic, Ableist, etc. content.
  • Any malware

Anyway, welcome!

For the first time, you might be able to get your app on SnipOS!!

Here are our basic standards,

Must be high quality.
As SnipOS drives to be a simple, sleek, modern, and fast os simulator, we want all apps to run smoothly and to look nice to attract viewers.

Must have a purpose.
While it won't hurt to have an extra game, there is some software we don't need replacing, such as Camera, Settings, Browser, Hyposyn Search, etc. Though, if you have a better version of something like Paint or Notebook, we might consider it.

If you feel like you're up for it, fill out this form.

Good luck, and have an amazing day!

FINALLY! I can make software for Hyposyn! I was hoping to make some kind of virtual assistant or game or something!


I'm gonna submit my own PC Game which I made a while ago. Because I want to be the first person to have my app submitted to SnipOS and because I have nothing to make.

Dang if only I can use my own anonymous account rather than a school account on a school computer I can submit the software...

Yeah. if you fill out everything else and just put something random in email I will be able to review

… Replit, and GitHub as we use these services for our software too.

oh yeah

You might want to warn people that

The name and photo associated with your
Google account will be recorded when you
upload files and submit this form.

Also, off-site meetings aren't allowed...

There's no other way we can contact them, and its from a automatic bot thingy I set up

We don't record it, the multi-million dollar corporation that is Google Collects that stuff. I don't want your google account photo.

I updated the form, you won't have to put your email in. if we accept you, your project will be put in a collection. (@bh this is why we need notifications for if someone remixes your project or ads your project to a collection.)

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have doubts...

Can you add this to SnipOS?

I don't want to fill out the form due to skepticism. (Okay I do sound kind of stupid but...)

Anyways, this game is a PC Title and a Game. And you can ping me here if you submitted my game into SnipOS.
You're Late!

Sure, if i can cloud variables working but idk if I can.

Yeah, please don't solicit identifying information other than Snap! usernames. And no off-site meetings. Thank you.

There's no other way to contact them if they got in (or even let them know.)

Though, every so often I could ping the people who did get in, and mention them on the forums.

Please consider notifications for if your project got added to a collection.

The form has been updated again, due to rules. If you think your project got in, check this collection Snap! Build Your Own Blocks