How do i join a team in snap berkley

You could use SMERGE to host your code with git-like version control, and then send others your link. (Just remember to click the block at the bottom of variables to commit your changes!)

College blocked it

That's too bad. Maybe you could put the xml file in a git repo?

What's git repo?

Git is a source control program created by Linus Torvalds for handling all the code for Linux. It's now used by almost every developer on Earth. It's very helpful. If you use it, however, you might need a host. some popular ones are GitHub, GitLab, and Gitbucket.

is there another way to do it but on snap?

Share your project. Here's a post if you need help.

it says type ur email to share to you

how do i type that in

Unfortunately, I forgot that email counts as external chat unmoderated chat. Sorry.

your good

If you do that, it wouldn't work very well, as the xml is minified to one line, which doesn't do well with github.

Oh. I didn't know that.

Then, yeah. Just share your project, and post the link here.