How do i join a team in snap berkley

I have a friend that plays this game that has people on his team but I don't know and he dosent know how to

this isn't really a game, rather a block-based programming language.
wrong forum perhaps?

welcome to snap @mtrout_27

Question. How does one get forums mixed up?

Hey calc

Sometimes people think we're snapchat.

and how has it happened twice this month?


Unfortunately anyways. To be honest (no offense) SnapChat is so much more updated and modern-looking than the Snap! Forums, how do people get that mixed up?

I don’t even have snapchat

That makes no sense

i meant how do i do a collision

You shouldn't necropost, that could've been a good topic on it's own.

Exactly, but hey, since mtrout_27 seems new around these corners I'm gonna cut them some slack.

Oh yeah, @mtrout_27, a necropost is when you post an off-topic post on a thread where the last reply was, say...2 months ago. This is considered taboo by most of us around here because when you reply to a thread, it automatically gets sent to the top of "Latest Replies", and since your reply was offtopic (still talking to mtrout) it's not necessary and...yeah.

The way I'm interpreting this is that @mtrout_27 has tried to clarify their original post.

They haven't necro-posted on someone else's thread :slight_smile:

@mtrout_27 But to help you, it would be nice if you could explain your problem in a bit more detail

Collision for...for what?

this is their own topic

That's not what I'm trying to say, I mean that he should've made another topic.

Yes, but they are the owner of this topic, and the post seems to be related to the topic.

In what way?