How do i join a team in snap berkley

As has beem mentioned to you before, they are the OP of this thread - it's their thread - they are NOT necroposting

They are just responding slowly

to make 3d games

It wasn't very obvious what they were trying to say before, sorry.

Are you making a raycaster?


I guess not. What type of 3d game are you trying to make?

wanna give me an idea

Try raycasting! It's a simple way to get 3D!


It isn't that hard to do raycasting, but if it is then you could try making an isometric game. It isn't 3d but it's close enough!

ok but do you know how to do a collision

I can't tell you how if I don't know what game you're trying to make. If you want the block, there's the "touching sprite" block that you can find in sensing.

how about a game about a bridge that's haunted then?

i may not be able to reply in a hour I'm playing college baseball

I mean what you're going to do to make it 3d. For example, raycasting is in a top-down perspective, but your character sends rays that represent a line in 3d depending on length.

Are you watching a game, or are you a sports star IRL?

sports star I play for Liberty Flames


I'm so dumb i meant to say collab​:skull:

You're fine.

let me retry this

how do i do a collab