Here's how not to get banned on snap(simplified version)

In this topic post i will telling you how not to get banned on the forums in a way everyone understands

  1. don't go off topic
    being on topic should be easy since there's categories for almost everything(except for purely chatting which i get),but going off topic is pretty offensive for now
  2. don't take credit for someone else's topics or projects if you aren't involved in it
    that's the second easiest way to piss off people,and get banned
  3. use the categories for that specific thing
    unless its one of the categories that have more than one subcategory,you should only use the categories for its intended purpose(even then with the subcategories,pick the one that corresponds with your problem)
  4. the most important rule DONT TEST THE MODS
    simply put,if you wanna get on the bad side of every moderator here,test their tolerance otherwise follow the guidelines
  5. another important rule DONT HACK OR FIND WAYS TO EVADE BANS
    do i need to elaborate on this one
  6. don't advertise anything irrelevant (i don't know if signatures count)
  7. don't arrange offsite meetings on here(this most likely means making irl meetings on here)
  8. if you don't wanna be watched by mods,don't comment and delete(or don't be off topic in general)
    i can't believe my own special one did this,and it kinda makes sad she did,but if you don't wanna be in trouble,DONT comment and delete off topic posts
    and those are the easiest ways to not get banned.if you wanna add anything,go ahead
    (and for those 4 who got banned,i hope you read this in case you get unbanned)

@bh or @bromagosa did i forget to add a rule(and is this even in the right category)

The category is fine.

The rules are in an announcement on the forum. I think it's fine for you to have an unofficial explanation if you want.

But, I'd like to emphasize that nobody has been banned for not knowing about some rule. There are always situations like that, e.g., posting your full name, and what we do is delete the post and send a message to the user explaining why.

All the people who've been banned knew damn well they were breaking the rules, and that was their intent. And there haven't been very many, three I think, only one permanently.

thank you for your response

sir if i may,What did they get banned for

Right. Everyone knows, "follow the guidelines. follow the guidelines. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES!"
And so I did. But I still got banned. Because I was letting my twin brother use my account. So apparently, two people cannot be using one account, but family members can be using one account. Hello? The other person using my account is my brother . So of course he should have the right to use it! But no, I should be banned for that. That's really unfair, because I even clearly said, on my profile, "Sometimes my twin sibling uses this account." Am I being targeted or what? And if I am, then I'm very angry about that, because it's highly unfair.

Two for using the forum as a chat and deleting their messages after each other read them so we wouldn't find out (didn't work; the forum remembers deleted messages), one for building an unstoppable auto-start project into their signature.

What those cases have in common is a deliberate attempt to evade the rules.

We bust our asses for you lot, writing software and making tutorials and yes moderating the forum. And we're all actual human beings, who resent being treated as if we were just boulders blocking the road that you have to find a way around. We all started as volunteers, too, although some of us (not me) are now being paid to work on Snap!.

So, an even more simplified version: To not get banned on Snap!, don't try to get banned. That's it.

P.S. I am not including a couple of one-day or two-day bans to curb overenthusiasm. To me that's different from a week-long or forever ban.

P.P.S. As I said in some other thread, I hate some of these rules as much as you do. In a perfect world, we'd all be in one room and sometimes we'd go out for Chinese food for dinner, as I used to do with my high school students back in the 20th Century. But here in the 21st Century we're required to worry about you having unmonitored conversations.

make sure your brother is following the guidelines.

I gather you're talking about Scratch? Please don't bring your bad feelings about Scratch here, however merited they might be. After a lot of previous unpleasant experience, that topic is explicitly banned here.

Sorry, I seem to be stuck on a soapbox today.

The obsequiousness of "sir" just makes me uncomfortable. "Brian" is fine. If that makes you uncomfortable, perhaps we could compromise on "Prof. Harvey."

He was following the guidelines. I am just hoping that Snap! does not do that to us too, which is why I mentioned it.


also don't advertise your topics or project in anything that isn't relevant


damn,now i know how the mods feel...and why they made the changes they did

ok the auto start project was just bad (still feel sorry for foxy tho)

...can't believe i'm saying this but she knew what she was doing,and it was stupid to try that comment then delete so it's like that wasn't there thing

yeah, I guess, maybe you should add don't delete your posts to avoid moderation on there.

this is what went through her head thinking she wouldn't get caught

I deleted all the stuff about KA. (The distinction between "suggestion" and "arrangement" is ToS lawyering, which might not get you banned but for sure isn't going to get the moderators to love you.)

Hm welp i shouldn't have my og account