more ways to not to not get banned(part 2)

Closed thread(part 1 on og account)
8. Don't suggest other sites to use multiple(or maybe at all)
last night i got in a debate with someone about a certain website thats like an academy,and the conversation got deleted with Mr Harvey saying that suggestions to other sites aren't exactly arranging off site meetings but its pretty close and moderation will not like you
9. do not post about scratch unless its about coding
i know some are banned scratchers,but seeing as my old topic GOT DELETED because people kept commenting about HOW THEY GOT BANNED ON SCRATCH,lets not do that on this one

Just to clarify, the posts in question weren't recommending that site as a place to learn, but as a place to chat. It makes a difference.

No. But I don't see a post from you here (other than the one I'm answering).

Right, I'm not recommending it, but someone asked, and presumably they have a reason.

I post both on my computer or my tablet I'm on my tablet now that is why sometime you see bad spelling and no punctuation and sometimes not

its not fair! i was just banned 1 wk just bc i wanted 2 socialize w/ my friend! 1 wk is overkill! i get banned 4 reasons that dont even affect any1! ive been harassed, bullied, and excluded multiple times. even on snap i was called rude things, such as how i sounded like a baby, my opinion was "bs" & that i lived under a rock. ive been nothing but respectful yet i get censored just bc my opinion "offends." maybe im just a big libertarian, but theres no reason you cant just overlook the 1ce in a while scratch rant or wutever. i dont have any community i can go online w/o being harassed bc of my opinion. on another site i was called stupid & a mfer just bc of my political opinion. i dont rlly care abt being harassed anymore since im so used 2 it, but getting banned bc of wut i innocuously do is just unfair.

dont @ me, this is just a rant.

well, i had an unpopular opinion, which i got bullied 4. the bullies mass reported my comments, projects, etc, & scratch banned me since i dont have the same opinion as them.

No. You were banned for a week because you deliberately (not "innocuously") set out to break what you knew was a rule, sneakily, by deleting your messages after the person you were chatting with saw them. Nobody has ever been banned here for straightforwardly chatting. Nobody has ever been banned here for ranting about Scratch or other expression of opinion. I've deleted messages like that, yes.

I agree with you that a week ban is a big deal. I don't do that lightly.

If you've been told you live under a rock here, I apologize on behalf of our team. Did you flag it? I don't remember it, although I haven't read every post here. Sounding like a baby sounds like something I might have said, in a context like "Saying xxx makes you sound like a baby," which is different from "You sound like a baby" without qualification. But I can see that that might make you feel bullied and I apologize if it was me.

When you're not setting out to break rules on purpose, I enjoy having you here.

I have deleted a bunch of posts sympathizing with @equilibrium for being bullied, because the discussion drifted over to what's wrong with Scratch, a topic disallowed here. So instead here's this post summarizing the fact that several people were sympathetic.

I'm also closing this. This forum is about Snap!, not about being banned.