Help for programs

theres this very cool project im working on (its one of my biggest projects)

and ive made my own OS for it

it would be cool if there were more projects for it so does anyone wanna help?


Three questions (I think we all have):

Where is it?

What is it called?

Why did you just post a topic but not a prototype or even a concept image?

Refer to this post:

K you don't have to add this

This is one of the questions you should ask yourself (I'm talking about sladescar)

then reply to Sladescar...?

It's also directed towards you because you asked

not gonna lie, this is getting annoying very quickly

Sorry to break this to you, but you kind of started it...

You said

so I replied


(I meant to say "ask", not "said", in the second post. It's fixed now.)

There's the whole summary.

Well I would like to help...

If you did one thing: Share some kind of prototype for me to work with.

I need some sort of framework or frame, or just some kind of description at all.

My big project is top secret until tomorrow!

ill give you a hint:

This is Snapi OS

Oh, OK. Now I know what that is.

It's the task bar, right?


also here is the project its featured in Socket - regular trust level special