Socket - regular trust level special

Before i start...

LETS GO!!!!!!!


Anyway ive been working on this project for a month now and its ready...

Its text based which ive never done before...

ive worked really hard on this and it is 100% orignal and all of the code is by me!

type in help to get all the commands

Check it out! socket

This took a very long time and im super proud of it!

Also if you want to help with it that would be nice!

Leave your thoughts in the replies!

Heres the insane


0.50 created socket project

0.75 added command template

0.97 added login command

1.0 - Socket beta started

1.1 Added help command

1.1.1 removed login command

1.1.5 Added Date command

1.2 added time and random commands

1.2.1 removed date command

1.3 added disc command

1.3.5 added capture command

1.4 added ball and ball stop command

1.4.2 remove capture command

1.5 added Snapi OS 1.0

1.5.2 Added Console app in Snapi

1.5.7 Added message app in Snapi

1.5.9 Added Snap editor app in Snapi

1.6 added Snap editor in Snapi

1.7 added keys

1.7.1 fixed the Snap editor's background

1.7.2 fixed the Snapi scripts

1.7.5 added new cursors

1.7.8 testing login commands

1.8 added Pixer classic in Snapi

1.8.1 removed pixer classic in Snapi

1.8.2 testing search (beta)

1.8.20 fixed bugs with Snapi

1.8.50 Snapi is now in alpha

1.8.75 Added bix!

1.8.100 Fixed bugs with the Snap editor

1.9 Added Studio

1.9.1 Added game1 command

1.9.2 Added Faster Click!

1.9.3 Fixed the background bug for the socket program

1.9.4 Fixed some bugs with Faster Click

1.9.50 fixed bugs with Snapi

1.9.55 Snapi is now 1.1

1.9.100 fixed bugs with the cursor

1.9.200 fixed bugs with the console's bg changing

1.9.500 Hovering over the programs in Snapi now displays their program name

1.9.555 Minor bug fix with the programs display names

1.9.5 Fixed bugs with "ball" game

1.9.6 Removed disc command

1.9.7 socket now stores its files on the virtual disc

1.9.70 Started work on the socket desktop client

1.9.8 Added thumbnail

1.9.80 fixed bugs with the thumbnail

1.9.85 fixed bugs with faster click

1.9.9 fixed bugs with the sprites of Bix! and faster click

2.0 socket is out of beta!

2.1 added music maker

2.2 added version command it tells you socket's current version

2.3 Fixed the version command and fixed the help command

2.4 fixed minor bugs


2.6 fixed bugs

2.7 fixed help command

2.8 added login command

2.9 fixed login command


Why is this special for you?

oh because ive been trying to get it for over a year

also did you even look at the project that took over 2 months?

What project?

the reason i made this post smh

here @scratchmodification

Oh! I got that level in only 4 months. Recently noticed this...

What is your doubt?

nothing. i didnt read the post you sent and i was confused



Are you...are you flexing on us? (Or showing off?)


You said:

Oh! I didn't even know how I got that level...

Oh, well in that case, it's fine. All is good.

I have...I have MANY questions.

How do I use it?

Technically the C++ is not really C++ at all. Its Syntax is different.

Also how do I run it?

This is more of an text-based OS (Even though it doesn't look like one) than a code interpreter or flashware thing.