Funny programming language in snap! (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from Funny programming language in snap! (Part 2).

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I wonder if we're going to surpass the most-replied topic eventually?

haha ive seen a forum that went to part 5 or part 4

Yes, we might, but we have definitely secured a place in the leaderboard for a very long time.


oh yeah, that's better.

the among us one?


try start

break then if error //error reports if the command isn't recognized or the error



catch errors

anyway after the user writes the code, instead of a run button, we should just have the command


I think you guys have decided on the syntax, but how about actually coding it?

Wiki is the most replyed.

Technically it's not, the Among Us topics have like 5 parts to them, which means they're well over 100 more posts than the wiki topic.
The wiki topic is only the most replied because Administrative Categories doesn't have the 100 replies system.

Can anybody tell me the List syntax, I need it.

There isn't really a set-in-stone (agreed upon) syntax for lists afaik, but here are some suggestions I remember:

["item1", "item2", ["item1-nested", "item2-nested"]]

i use

(item1, item2)

I like the second one.

display text(what the user sees):

bagItems = ["Item 1", "Item 2",  pokemon = ["Charmander", "Pikachu"]]

Blocks(The Code translated to snap):


Also please forgive me because I keep using Pokemon as an example.

it's fine :slight_smile:

It's just that

  1. I like pokemon
  2. It is really practical for listing things instead of using Item 1, Item 2.(I might use Item 1, Item 2 sometimes.)