Hello, this is the topic for discussion of the Snap! Wiki.

Is this for or an official one you are going to set up?

I'm pretty sure he means, but I'm not sure.

Yeah, your one! We talked about setting this up, remember?


Take a look at my suggestion here:

Okay. Thank you!

Why do I keep getting things like this image and this Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 5.22.28 PM ? It happens every time I try to edit something!

Because I added an extension for moderation.

Hmm. It's REALLY annoying. Could you at least let us edit without having to be moderated?

It does look like I have to. @spaceelephant sent me a message saying "edit is broken".


@r4356th What do you plan to use 3D for?

Not much. Brian said that 6.0 will make making 3D objects easier. Read this for some information about the extension.

Well, you will need to enable 3d2png, and allow the stl format. I know what the extension does, I just don't know how it applies to Snap!

Can you check if that is supported, please? I think that should automatically get allowed.

It's not. has instructions, but you might have to ask on phabricator.

@grahamsh, I will check that soon.

@bh, how much unhappy will you be if you had to wait each time when entering the wiki for let's say thirty seconds? I was thinking of using Glitch for a backup with a different Node.JS software ( but it takes too much time for Glitch to load (about five to seven minutes or even sometimes it won't load these days, see and they are saying that they have higher traffic. Also, Glitch puts every free app to sleep after five minutes of inactivity. I think that as such, it will not be a good idea to use Glitch. But the problem is that the software I want to use and any other software requires a server, which means that we will need a paid hosting service like Heroku. Miraheze looks like safe to use for now because they seem to have enough funding. But even then, they may have downtimes or may run out of funding someday.

(Everyone is requested to inform me of any free hosting service, if they know about one. Also, I would like getting everyone's opinion regarding Glitch. Thank you.)

I think Miraheze is a good bet for now. We can take regular datadumps, and store them on github. If we need to because miraheze is gone, we can either switch to another free service.

Agreed. But...

That process is actually pretty long.

I saw that before but the problem is that the others do not enforce HTTPS, which means that browsers or firewalls may stop people from going there.