Funny programming language in snap! (Part 2)

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Why limit it to 100 replies if ur just gonna create anew topic anyway?

anyway we should have a print function

set text size to 10
write "hello \n" 

hint: \n means new line

the limit is to keep threads from getting super long.

the limit is to not make the forum too big

its works like this

"woah! this forum has 205 posts!"
"now where is that old post i need to quote"

50 minutes later

"i still can't find it!....i give up"

Why do

In English, you just write a new line!

set text size to 10
write "hello

i have an idea

write "yo" with new line
write "wassup"

the screen would look like this


What about

write "


that works too

lol imagine arrays in english XD

make the script variables ($array)
set $array to array[4]
set $array[1] to "hi"
set $array[2] to "hello"
set $array[3] to "yo"
set $array[4] to "hey dude"

anyway we dont really need arrays because we have lists

and it isn't really english syntax

also the language should be called ESL (English Syntax Language)

key () pressed? is

get key (enter) pressed?

we should have counter

increase counter
decrease counter


multiline comment

"enter" should be in quotes. It's a string.

I think this is a good idea, but we should also include
reset counter
along with it.

get key ("enter") pressed?

yea reset counter is also usefull

good idea

this is not english but here's some stuff
\n = new line
\s= space
\t = tab (big space)

\n is the same as pressing enter key
\s is the same as pressing space key
\t is the same as pressing tab key

Why do you need one for space?

if statements

if ()[


if else statements

if () [



else if statements

if ()[

] else if ()[


while loops

while ()[


repeat until loops

repeat until () [


for each loops (not the list one)

foreach i in 10 step 2 [


i just thought it was cool

This would be better:

if ... do


if ... do



if ... do

else if ... do


while ... do


repeat until ... do


while counting i to 10 do


basically how lua works.

i dont like


its weird and its easer to do



but that's not english