Funny programming language in snap! (Part 1)

it is, but it doesn't follow the english grammar.

The product of the sum of 2+3 multiplied by 5
Don't use GT here

I think JS is good enough.
Not providing further help since it is using snap and i'm a noob about speeding up Snap! scripts beside using warp and freezing the browser

I have a great name...


Auto Semicolon Insertion
That's not good for a language name

[offtopic] I didn't know you had a snap account [/offtopic]

uh– js has

var ... = ...

that sounds like a predicate expression in english syntax.

see the edits I made :slight_smile:

that's too painful to write

just use the PHP variable syntax but more englishy that i made

Maybe you could have variable names enclosed in a single quote? Then the double quote would only be used for strings. And make the script variables command more condensed yet still gramatically correct. And for the list block too.

create script variables 'list', 'word1', and 'word2'
set 'word1' to "Hello, "
set 'word2' to "world!"
say 'word1' joined with 'word2'
set 'list' to a list with "a", "b", "c", and "d"
make a script variable $list
set $list to new list 4 (a, b, c, d)

I think it should be more like

make the script variables ($list)
set $list to new list ("a","b","c","d")

Because why would you need to set the length property yourself? It's just how many items there are.


does english use lots of $s? no!

I just wrote it. also,

is not in the syntax of english.

did you see that i made it more englishy

edit: @helicoptur also wants it to make variables at once
like this

make the script variables($list, $number) 

js also has confusing messes of syntax like in

var count=0;for(var i=0;i>10;i++){count+=2;console.log(String(count)+String(i));}

its so we can tell that it is a variable

1 reports 1

but what if we want a variable called 1?
we have to tell the computer that it is a variable

make the script variables($1, $2)
set $1 to "hello"
set $2 to "hi" 

why would you have to define the list length?

i changed my mind

ah, ok.

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