Free or cheap online programming course for young children

My uncle has young children (around 7-10 IICR) who are interested in learning to program. Does anybody know of a good free or cheap online course? I'm sure I have seen some people talk about some on the forum, but I don't know enough about them. I'll just C+P the email below:

From a Code Ninja official:

Good grief! That's a lot of money.

Dan Garcia is piloting a middle school version of BJC that might be the right thing. I'm not sure if it's online yet, but I'll check. (Like all our curriculum, it's CC-BY-NC-SA, so no cost to use. But it doesn't come with a live teacher unless you take the course in a school.)

Maybe one of Jens' and Jadga's MOOCs?

PS Is that your name in that email, and do you care?

Yes, my name is Bryce, and I am okay with anybody here knowing that.
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I taught myself HTML, JS, and CSS using (free)

Roblox is LUA.

Try Kahn Academy. It is completely free and requires no account. (Please note KA's programming tutorials are kind of outdated.)

If they feel like learning any program, I suggest Python. It is SUPER EASY to learn. I feel like it's JavaScript without all the stuff like calling "var" to make a new variable and adding a semi-colon after each line. Python has none of that. I learned Python from a YouTube tutorial. It's 4 hours, although of course, you don't have to watch it all at once. It's from Here is the link: Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial] - YouTube

I enjoyed the Snap courses available in OpenSap, they are all free.

bh posted some recommendations recently after I asked that I was looking for something to do after finishing the OpenSap courses:

Found this free PDF by an organization called Code Club , offers free courses. It's for Scratch, but as far as I know, Snap can be used as well.

Edit 2:
Found that Code Club offers the same PDF as a self-guided online course (Link).
hope that helps!

...ming language.

In Python, you can use semicolons at the ends of statements.

I know Python pretty well.

wow, I thought that was only for javascript.

Most common programming languages have semicolon-delimited lines. JS is special because, even though it does require them, if it finds a line that should end in a semicolon but doesn't, it inserts the semicolon.

oh, ok.

What's really annoying in most text-based programming languages is that if you have a sequence of statements like this: Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 4.05.16 PM, half the languages require that orange semicolon, and the other half prohibit it.

If you have to use a text language, let it be Scheme.

Yeah, it is really annoying. I say if you were trying to teach coding start with python.

Sorry. Typo.

Yes, but only if you want to put multiple statements in a single line.

I agree.

And what's wrong with Snap!? It's a much more powerful programming language (because Python has a broken lambda), and very little syntax to get in the way.

print("Hello World!");

is valid Python code.

Very sorry. I meant a text-based language. No offence meant. If I wanted to code Python I wouldn't be on this forum.

Oh yeah, you should use Snap! first!