Book recommendations, or tutorials?

almost finished with the OpenSap course, and would like to continue learning, are there any books that you recommend?
Or a YouTube channel or website.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

There are a bunch of different directions you can go in, depending on your interests and experience. is The Beauty and Joy of Computing, a yearlong secondary school course that starts at the beginning but moves in somewhat different directions from the SAP course.

Codierte Kunst by Joachim Wedekind is a fantastic book of Snap! programs that generate art in the style of various modern artists. It's in German, so I can't read the text, but the Snap! code is understandable. :~)

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson and Sussman with Sussman is the best computer science book ever written. It comes from a former freshman CS course at MIT. It's available free online (click the link). It uses Scheme as the programming language, but if you're familiar with Snap! you'll find Scheme quite similar.

Parts of the Snap! Reference Manual are about aspects of the language that may be new to you, especially Section VIII, OOP with Procedures, and Section X, Continuations.

I'll put in a plug for my own Computer Science Logo Style trilogy, also free online at the link. It uses Logo, which is sort of the grandfather of Snap! (by way of Scratch), but it includes accessible introductions to advanced CS topics such as compilers and automata theory.

Hi bh,
thanks for the prompt reply, just had a look at the links and see there many different paths!
The art one is interesting but will start with the BJC one for now. I’ll save this page as a reference to come back, thanks again!

there is a book.

@sirhopsalot do you have any recommendations?
Found another thread with some books, but please chime in if you know any titles worth exploring, thanks.

you know the basics of snap! right?
if you don't there is a book called the coding book

other then that I don't know

I can give a basic tutorial, or you can read the Reference Manual.

Guys, they said

so, probably not looking for primers. That's why my response included SICP. :~)

@bh can you elaborate more on the art book by Joachim Wedekind?
Tried to find more information online but it's scarce. Thanks.

Try this link:
Then click on the table of contents to see some examples.