Fish Eaters (Part 5)

use if block to trigger the crash


To demonstrate one of the server's vulnerabilities, view the post that I am replying to. A new message will pop up on screen in the game.

i fixed vulnerabilities. (probably)

You can't fix the server's vulnerabilities though. And the reason why the messages aren't popping up is because it checks whether or not the file has the same value, which it always has with this exploit. Send a random message then view the exploit to see the message pop up.

i know, we want chat to be temparary so we dont clog up your server.

Why does the chat redraw whenever there's a new message? And could you make the wait time between polling shorter (and use websockets or something like that)?

Also, can you revise my block so that they don't use a synchronous XHR.

I added a new version to the collection, I made it so when you eat a fish it makes your fish bigger and zoom out.

you need to make a limit and slow down the rate of growing.


Hi, i'm gonna work on this by myself. if anyone posts after this then i'll see their opinion on this decision to revive something that was dead for the past 3 months. Just informing.

EDIT: what was even the latest version of this?
EDIT 2: Smerge was broken by the update to javascript. So i'm posting this in the group as Fish Eaters 1.0

It's been a while! :slight_smile:

It has is'nt it?

Yeah, like im creating a Snap! Mod!?! Ive learned alot

Now you know the inner workings of Snap. But do you know how to fix this preformance issue. It seems that smerge made a mistake some time ago and duplicated scripts multiple times.

Didnt smerge die?

No it was before that like at part 4 the issue started

nvm, it is working again.

No JavaScript was shutdown. Smerge needs JavaScript. Has smerge found an exploit or something?