Fish Eaters (Part 5)

i did. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I don't want to

well but

on a global scale. no more chatting.

i know.

The slowmode is buggy, if you click the button multiple times the text saying "you're not allowed to do that yet" will nest, and if you click it while the countdown is increasing it will reset the countdown, which is annoying. Please fix this

The message doesnt nest. it dissapears after 3 sec.

i fixed it

how do we fix the hacker problems

Updates to Fish Eaters


Hacker protection added!

Bug Fixes:

Anti-Spam bug fix

are you still getting the messages from him?

i havent been checking. akso r u done w/ school?

yes I am done, I got a free day because I'm going on trip tommorow

he's still there


crash his webpage

Maybe create and use a backend API instead of a public cloud var system that anyone can read/write to. The cloud var thing was just an experiment and is subject to vulnerabilities and data loss. I do not recommend it. Additionally all files are stored in the same place which may cause name collisions unless you use something like a cloud ID. Additionally I used a synchronous XHR for the blocks.

im going to attempt to

he said we are dumb

i know

I found out how he hacks

I posted can't crash me in the chat, he adds his own messages to chat var!