Fish Eaters (Part 5)

So what performance issue?

Ahem, see the group and see fish eaters official. Then observe that it runs at 10 FPS.

OK... Making Snap! run faster means eliminating alot of features.

Remove all JavaScript because that’s unnecessary, and there is a lot of duplication glitches.

I dont see any dupe glitches.

No I saw that scripts were duplicated and that may be why it’s 6 MB

That is smerge.

I know smerge caused it.

Then it is not a problem with Snap!

So how are we even supposed to fix it.

Smerge says that it dupe's the script, and does not remove the old scripts. It says to remove old scripts manually.

I have left this a LONG time ago. (I didn't say). I am working on Snap! Jr.

thanks for noticing me now. if you want to just help at any point. (snap did a weird when it said i posted this at a weird time so i deleted and repost)

Here is what I'm working on:

ok i'll see that later.

Alright. Have fun!


I have not done the update yet I’ll do it later today

It's been so long since I was on this collab. Anyways, is the AI complete? Because I was given the job to code the AI for the game

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