Even faster cloud var blocks!

More improved cloud vars!
(I will make it anticheat if you guys tell me how to get request url (http-origin?) in Flask)
Always on now!
Doesn't need JS :slight_smile:
Please dont make a lot of cloud vars :slight_smile: or cloud space will be stuffed.


I think @spaceelephant knows how to get a request from URL

What should you set cloud ID to?

Any thing.
Would you like to set it to os.urandom?
That's the best approach :slight_smile:.
Well,"jnsdfk4" is a good name too.

If the request came from the cv test url that function (in the back end) will return snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=18001767679&ProjectName=my%20cloud%20var%20blocks

solved :slight_smile:

No error now but its missed off the last letter


solved :slight_smile:
@cymplecy, you are using cloud id fred again!
Really bad naming.

Looking good

A few requests

  1. Could you make a block that returns a list of all the names of current cloud vars.

  2. Could we have a block to delete a cloud var (and remove it from the cache if its cached)

  3. Could you make cloud var reporter report a Snap! list if the var is a cloud list please instead of this


1,2:I will update the backend to do this.
Server stopped for a while due to this.Patience.

You are not intended to use slow cloud var anywhere or use cloud var when you want a list.
I will make it but really you just need to lisitfy it.
I disallowed custom named cloud ids and calculated the cloud id by URL.

  1. I'm not using slow cloud var

  2. If you don't want people to use it - don't make a slow cloud var block :slight_smile:

  1. Well you've made blocks to use cloud vars to store lists so I'm going to use them for that :slight_smile:

  2. Its a fundamental ability to be able to iterate over a list in Snap! so I think its a requirement to supply your cloud list as a Snap! type list



Server restarted now I will update the front end.





:blush: thanks

Can this be used for 2 player game now?

e.g If I share the url for the game, will other person get access to the project cloud var?

Or is it just for each person to use for themselves?

It can be used for 2 player game.
One cloud id per URL.


I just tried sharing mine and I launched a private browsing session in another window and it could see the cloud var values in the 2nd window :slight_smile:

Did someone log out and access cloud vars test and test2?
It's ok but we can only know who is playing if you log in.