Comment-like Cloud Chatroom

Like probably all chatrooms on snap, this is a remix of Snaproom if you go down a few remixes.

I made a project where you put in a project link (even fake ones work) and then it opens up a new room for people to talk about the project in. Every single link goes to a new room, except when information is missing or exactly the same as a different link.

For example, here are the current comments of Roomsnaps itself (that's what the project is called):


(newest messages are on the top, oldest on the bottom)

And here are the current comments on "Heck You" by "ceebee", a project that doesnt exist but is still readable by Roomsnaps and so it can be commented on:

I hope enough people use this so it stops being almost useless. (Why comment if nobody will read it?) This is basically a replacement for commenting until we get real comments.

Here's the project link: roomsnaps
It also does have 5 "emojis", a guest name feature, and a clear button.
You can run it right here but it might consider you a guest:

Oy, does this mean we have another thing to start monitoring? I bet you don't even have a flag button. :~/

we've had chatrooms for a while now using this same code. nothing really new.

Well, do you know that Jens told someone else who made another chatroom to take it down three months ago?

nope didn't hear it yet. thanks for telling me

Forgot to show you proof-

oh maybe i should unshare

there's so many chatrooms on snap already and they're quite popular considering how fast project ideas get around on snap currently (very slowly). I think there must be a better way to fix all the problems with these without just destroying them. You can never FULLY get rid of things like this, take a look at Scratch's FNAF problem.

Shared memory, like a chatroom or scratch's cloud variables, is created by combining a read/write location with a message service, possibly even on different servers. In this system, every cloud variable read is an http request. In scratch, there are no http requests, but a message is sent whenever something changes. That means that scratch cloud variables can be safely used every frame while these ones cannot. It is possible to use two servers. However, it is better to have one ws (or wss) server. When a client connects from one project, the server sends a message describing the state of all could variables. When one user changes the state, they send a message to the server describing the change, for example x[1].insert(1, [2, 3]). Then, the server distributes the message to the other clients. However, the ws distributor need not be the same as the cloud copy.

All projects have a flag button.
(I know what you mean)

the greeny head flag

they're talking about a report button, reporting is sometimes called flagging

you should not put a warp inside of a warp, it makes it lag even more

Good point i will make a flag

sorry I didn't know this was dead :stuck_out_tongue:

One way you can tell is by looking at the date on the right side of the last post. For example, on this one, it was in August of last year (before your first post). If it has been more than a month since the last reply, the topic might be dead (the longer ago, the more likely it is dead).

ONE YEAR!? woah, that's a long time ._.

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