Comment Feature on Snap?

I believe that a Comment Feature would be a great addition to the Snap! website.
It could be formatted as follows:

Under the Project Window of any project there should be a comment section, like in Youtube, Scratch, etc.

The amount of comments that would be posted will be too much for human moderators to handle, so Snap! may need to implement a Filter Bot of some sort.

The Filter Bot should censor the following sort of words:

ANY Curse words
Phone numbers
E-Mail addresses
Links to other websites?

The comments should have some sort of cooldown, to prevent spamming. 30 seconds should be enough.

Users should NOT be banned for using foul language on the comments section, because it is being censored regardless. Instead, users should recieve an automated warning through the form of a notification. If the user recieves too many warnings (I.E. 10) within one day, then they should have all commenting and forum posting privilages revoked (or muted) for 24 hours, or at least until midnight of the next day.

Should the user continue to ignore the warnings, the Mute should be able to extend up to one week, or 7 days.

If the user still continues to break the rules, then they should be temporarily banned for up to and including One Month. If, even after the user has recieved multiple warnings, they continue to break the rules, they should be banned and their account deleted.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know, I will be watching this forum for a while.


So, you're only interested in your suggestion, not in being part of the community?

Yes, we know about comments. If you were interested in being part of the community, you might have seen this:

or this: