Comment feature...?

I'm not insane....right?
We need a comment feature(along with a small notification feature that way you can tell if someone commented on one of your projects or your profile). It would make better motivation for Snap! coders, and even give off ideas and good opinions. I can't really say much.

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Yeah, but they didn't mention the profile comments.

I was thinking ‘likes’ like what we have on the forums to show support that you like this content, and the creator will make more. And support buttons on profiles too.

well, you c, the thing that separates snap frm scratch is the social media aspect. scratch is 90% childrens twitter 10% coding website (at the moment), and snap is real coding, not just an addictive social media disguised as a programming site.
also, profile comments can cause harassment, since profiles arent moderated by mods. it may not seem like a big issue, but i have seen tons of harassment occur on profiles. (i myself was called "ignorant" and "dumb" and "racist" :confused: )
another thing im worried abt is if snap enables profile comments, then a lot of mean users will flock here. thats why there are more users on scratch than here: s o c i a l i z a t i o n. and if theres socialization, then theres also trolls & keyboard warriors.
i just dont want this site 2 turn in2 a social media :grimacing:


Hey you,continue this topic here!

i made the mistake of getting in2 a political debate. i (politely) spoke against the blm organization, then a bunch of extremists said, "you dont care abt black lives?? youre a racist!" even tho thats not wut i said -_- . so then they taunted me w/ insults like "ignorant" & "racist" until they were able 2 get my acc banned.

Is that what they would call themselves? Or are you indulging in the same exaggeration as them calling you "racist"?

P.S. But I'm with you on not turning this into a social media site.

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Yeah. Closing this one.