Check out my new game! (Part 2)

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first you need to declare that the canvas is 3d so js can prepare everything... @programmer_user

IDK...I'm not a pro at anything

or else javascript will prepare a 2d thing

You can also just draw 3D, tho..

but itll be slow...

you don't really declare that the canvas is 3d... there is a 2D canvas rendering context and a WebGL one. WebGL is really good for 3D graphics but it still renders everything in 2D. It is impossible to put actual 3D on a 2D monitor. You will need to project the 3D data onto a 2D plane and render it. I yeah so yeah you can't... Well I made a 3D spinning cube in Snap! here. It was supposed to be for a 3D engine but it's very slow though so i decided to do this somewhere else that uses the 2D canvas context.

And then well anyway i there's no like 3D canvas in javascript that doesn't exist there's only WebGL which is a graphics thing kinda designed for 3D graphics but that isn't truly 3D anyway because that's impossible on a 2D monitor.

and yeah what's the point of programming something in Snap! if you're just going to use javascript. if you want to use javascript then it'd probably be best to go somewhere else. i only use javascript when i want some block to be a lot faster, or adding a capability that i can't do with primitive blocks, like importing files or modifying scripts and blocks.

(also how did this topic turn from showing a game to trying to do 3d or something, i probably should not have posted on here... i guess it is related to programming but for this topic this is kinda off-topic)

(and i didn't delete it cuz i don't want @coder2195snap to keep thinking what they were thinking before which is probably incorrect)

Well then delete the comment!



Can you teach me Javascript/HTML?

sure I'd be happy to! if thats ok with you @funtime_foxy101