Check out my new game! (Part 1)

I will be very happy if anyone checks this out and comments on what they think about it. Any feedback
is accepted!


Thank You!

Why do you need to create a login?

Its a school project but i added more features.

Welcome to the forums, good job! :D

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ooh nice program :smiley: Your good...

Thank you :slight_smile: but i wont say im that good...

I couldn’t make a project that good

Totally not because I’m lazy to dragging out the thin blocks unlike scratch
And welcome to Snap!

Lol. I started Snap! a few months ago and its really good and advanced.

really? why did you join this forum after a few months then? no rudeness here...
and how did you get a welcome while I didn't... :frowning:

and how do you stay up till 12 to reply? (i calcuated your time)

why did you join this forum after a few months then? no rudeness here...

Actually, some people go years on Snap! without even knowing there's a forum. It's not that rare. I've seen peoples' first posts be about very complicated and advanced topics, implying that they've been on Snap! a reasonable amount.

oh sorry...

Why are you sorry? There's nothing wrong with asking a question (in most cases).

lol but still

can someone tell me when snap was made

it was made on April 25, 2010

Nice! Also welcome to the Snap! Forums @intermediatecoder :)

I didn't realize there was a forum lol. I like to explore so I found out. I started using Snap! for my Software Engineering class so I didn't pay attention at first to the forums. I had to finish up some things that's why I stay up to 12, and I regularly check my email, so I checked my email at that time and replied which is what I am doing now.

Thank you its been a pleasure

Oh wow, its been 10 years