Check out my new game! (Part 1)

good project!!!

it's because you cannot see your own welcome.

I meant a welcome from others

wdym 10 years?

It's been 10 years since Snap! was made. That's what I meant by 10 years.

oh ok btw do you code html?

HAH! I didn't get a welcome at all!

Welcome to the forums, and....idk when Snap! was made.

I used too but i don't remember some stuff I need refreshers. I remember the basics tho.

do you code javascript?

nope i dont

hmmm do you have a gh (github) account

great there goes my friendship with @funtime_foxy101 she left me...

No i dont have a github account

would you like to learn html css and js? Im good I could teach you...

Yes i would like to learn but i already have a website that can teach me and i can also watch some tutorials on Youtube. Thanks for asking tho :slight_smile:

I'll send you a pdf of our first lesson... through google drive

it's cool

I was about to ask how...but then i saw you edited

Ill send it through google drive just send me your email and I'll give it to you

I would have done it through live google doc but @bh said no offsite meetings...

Thank you

Hmmm...ok how do i message you privately?