Category Jam

What do you need to work? I don't undertand

the notes touch the red bar, i need 2 things to happen when this happens. 1. Check the costume name (D,F,J, or K) and to see if the corresponding keyboard key is pressed while on the red line

Can you share the project so I can make that bit work?

alright one second


thanks! good luck for the category jam

Oh and I made a mistake in it. The [scratchblocks]...[/scratchblocks] block is supposed to go inside the LAUNCH block.

well it seemed to work

well i cant buy anything fancy sooo

Ah yes, tomorrow is today.

Yeah! I'll join!

This was a day aho :man_facepalming:

I know...

I think I wana leave this contest.

you're free to do what you want


thats not really a joke but okay

also this is snap not reddit, and there is 4 o's in woooosh

to be fair a subreddit doesnt have to be restricted from any site that isnt reddit

I don't believe using 'r/woooosh' is not outdated either way. Old joke, been there done that.

r/whoosh again