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Also are we supposed to make ml blocks?

well considering the fact that its my jam then i would say do it if you wanted to

no I was talking about his jam.

Can I use my old blocks I made?

no you can't. sorry

okay thats fine

You aren't entitled to pause someone else's contest. Besides, why can't people just work on both?


I'd like to join.

I think I'd make arithmetic operations for hexadecimal.

go right ahead

Can I start making it now? Even though this begins tomorrow?

honestly the only reason i gave it until tomorrow is so people could join, but we have a fair amount of people, so be my guest

Okay, I'll leave this contest. Why?

Because of the ML jam and because I haven't the faintest idea on how to make my library concept.

I'll work on yours now.

wixsite lol i used to use that

Well I made a sometimes working one here.

oh i get it, i dont understand anything there :slight_smile:

I only barely understand it.

well, im just making a game. im trying to make the keys work

i need to make it so that it detects the clone's costume number, and make sure the corresponding key is pressed


BTW you should probably use WHEN I TOUCH [nindex v] ... wait what? There is no such block??? That's strange.

Edit: It isn't in Scratch either. I wonder why I thought that block existed.

so uhhhh how would i get this to work