Category Jam

Category Jam is a "Game" Jam where (a) user/users have 3 days to make a category of blocks.
The category is judged by originality, utility, and effort. The event starts tomorrow (March 29th). Good luck! (Comment to request to join).
Post the links here on April 1st

I think this should be called "Library Jam" because it's basically just, create a library of blocks.

I'll join!

they're called categories in snap, like these:

Actually, a library is a set of blocks, no matter which category the blocks are in. A category is a way to easily sort the blocks based on what their primary function is. For example, the text costumes library is a library to make costumes from text. The blocks are in the looks category because the blocks are used to create costumes. Another example would be the the Bar Charts library. It uses blocks that are in different categories

Some blocks are used for lists (the blocks in the lists category) the pipe block is to run scripts (control category) and the plot bar chart is to draw a bar chart on screen using pen (which is why it is in the pen category).

As you can see, a category is to categorize blocks by what their primary function is. A library is a set of blocks that can be spread across many different categories.

and what i'm looking for is a category, a group of blocks that are based off of one main thing

like logging, advanced {something}, etc.

but if you want to you can make a library, with no point deduction

Every category is a library, but not every library is a category.

I'd like to join!

Okay, anyone want to team up? I have an idea, which is to make a category where you can use the blocks to measure sine waves and voltages and such. It will probably be useful if you are into Electrical Engineering and such and want MORE out of Snap!

You can use an Arduino UNO R3 to use this library. There will be a seperate forum post for setting up the Arduino to measure voltages.


Something for the Mods to see

@bh or @jens can you make Snap4Arduino a real library in Snap? Because if I do the thing on Snap4Arduino and then try to save it onto Snap!, there won't be the Arduino Blocks.

I am going to submit something but it wont be judged

Do you want to team up? I'm trying to make some sort of library in Snap4Arduino which can turn an Arduino into a Multimeter or Oscilliscope. But the problem is that I don't know much about conversion and such so I need help.

i wouldnt be much help with that

You are doing the ML contest. :~| Abandon on the first day?

Not really.

like a square and rectangle.... categories

I already made a small library a while ago, but havent worked on it since.

Its an addon to the motion library.
The blocks are
move (10) steps (2) SpS :: motion
glide (1) secs to [center v]

edit: you can find them at

I am making a category of ML blocks that I will release after my ML contest ends. Can we hold off this Jam until my ML contest ends?

Im workin on both lol