Block Codification

Block Codification

Encode & decode blocks easily

Did you want to store scripts in a DB or external website? This category is for you! The Block Codification category gives you 8 blocks to convert and manage blocks data. Just go to the project and export the blocks! A tutorial is included here and in the project. Don't forget to give your opinion!


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() as string

This is the block to convert the blocks into text. Reports a JSON format text. Here are examples of how to use it:

() as blocks

This is the counterpart of the previous block. Reports the blocks from the string. Here are examples of how to use it:

untitled script pic (7)

() blocks data

Reports a list with all the data of the blocks. The data format is CSV. Can be used to track both default, custom and extension blocks!

is () recorded?

Checks if the given blocks have been mapped. It is very useful if you don't want to map a block again or to get errors.

map () blocks data

Maps the given type of blocks data automatically. Always remember to check the version the block was made to get the newest blocks.

map () with data ()

Maps the given block manually, and additional data is required:

Key Definition Default value
string The block converted to string. In some cases the string gets cut by default, so you have to set it manually
type The type of the block (default, extension or custom). Extension blocks are considered as default blocks by default.
category The category of the block. Custom categories are accepted. Other

With this, custom blocks are fully supported and can be mapped. Just remember that the project you are sending the information has to have the same data to be converted successfully.

clear () blocks data

Clears the given type of blocks data. Can be used to reset all the data of both default, custom or extension blocks.

delete () block data

Deletes the given block data manually. Use it when a block is no longer required for your conversions!


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When should I use it?

Use it when you cannot store commands/reporters/predicates, for example in a browser database. Can be used to send them to an external website as well.

Why should I choose this?

Because it doesn't use Codification Support blocks. And you can manage the blocks data easily with the given blocks. Also, it uses a technology that you had never seen before.

How can I use this?

Just go to the official project made by @ScratchModification. You can edit it to make your project, or export the blocks and import it to your projects! The actual version is v1.0.1.

(C) 2022 ScratchModification

I certainly would like to try it! You could store the scripts made into text in a browser DB value or something and use them across projects.

Thank you! It will be released this week.

You can request a demonstration, for example:

Give me untitled script pic (15) as string.

Exactly! You can use this when you cannot store commands / reporters / predicates.

I'm sorry, I'm tired and forget what date today is. Do you have an actual release date (like March 3rd or something) or is it a floating sometime-this-week?

Today or tomorrow

Is it customizable?

What do you mean?

For example, can you change this: ["move %n steps,default,Motion",10] to {'move %n steps,default,Motion':10}? (I mean a block feature)

I think you mean the output, right?


This uses block.

So no customization.

I don't know what you mean exactly.

Also, I have some problem with that block, you can check more here

Already read the topic.

Here is mine: Snap! 7.1.3 - Build Your Own Blocks. (This is the first codification project shared on the forum.)

Where is the customizable part of the project?

Important Update

Block Codification has been released!

Project link: Snap! 7.1.3 - Build Your Own Blocks (
Reply here if you have any questions!

(C) 2022 ScratchModification

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

EDIT: Just saw you (@scratchmodification) posted that 3 hours ago.

It has been released! Check it out!

Huh? I don't know what you mean.

I didn't know it'd been released and 3 hours was a while, I was just commenting that it felt like a long time. Sorry.

v0.9.9 Released

Please update to the latest version


  • Added more blocks data
  • Bug with solved.

Thanks to:

(C) 2022 ScratchModification