How to make a Backpack?

Many users requested a backpack. But, surprise! I managed to do it and this is how to make it.

Just click here and you can export the blocks to import them in your project(s). Then, you import the Database library (you could use primitive extension blocks as well). And that's all that you need.

Now, just map all the blocks using the and wait. It will take a bit of time!
When the block finishes its work, then you can start making the backpack. Take a block, name your key and put . It should look like this:

And then, if you want to get the block back. Just put and in the input just use a . It should look like this:

It supports all commands, reporters and predicates!

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That's the type of thing I was thinking of!

Storing blocks in browsers using Browser Storage is something I tried to find out how to do!

Oh! Thank you for considering this as an option to save blocks in a DB.

We need a backpack for costume and sprites like Scratch fr tho.

Oh! That's easier:

Just convert the costume to JSON text...

i already save any format except blocks in this old project. It can inspire you !

you save anything in the browser regardless the format and you can restore it later...

Oh! I was making a similar project as well...

Just remove the user:project part and it's ok for backpack (add block support)