Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 9 Musical Chords

Module 9 (Musical Chords) is available here:

Create a chord track to accompany the musical motif that you developed. (Alternatively, you can created a new melody accompanied by musical chords).

For this project I created a simple melody using the banjo (which deserves more love!) and added electric guitar chords. My method was largely trial and error, messing around on the keyboard until I found something that sounded cool. To choose chords I tried to pick ones that shared notes with the melody and didn't contain any dissonant notes.

I created a simple melody in the key of Bb and wrote some chords for it.

Great job with the melody and chords, I like the way it sounds a lot.

Building off of what I had last week, I added chords to the melody, making it a more fulfilling piece.

I really enjoyed the fresh melody you created. Chords go really well with it as well!

Here's another one I'm working on.

I modified my original Bizarre Love Triangle Project to include chords. The program created a lot of lag trying to run both the melody and the chords simultaneously, so I had to edit some things to let them play together. Programming requires unconventional solutions.

The chords give it an interesting "wedding march" feel, it's fun!

Here's a G, Bm, Em, C chord progression I like to play on a piano, I wrote a simple melody to accompany the chord progression. :slight_smile:

TuneScope This first link is to the chords I came up with for the fill in the chords practice. The second link is the chords I added to my runaway motif. TuneScope The Runaway Motif is originally by Kayne West and in the original song I don't believe there are any chords with the piano portion, so this was an opportunity for me to add my own spin.

I like this a lot. The beginning reminds me of someone like you by Adele.

Using what we learning in class last week, I added in notes to recreate a melody and added in chords and a beat to make the short piece sound more complete.

I really like the chords you chose, it matches really well with the piece!

I edited the motif given for the assignment slightly and made a very basic chord progression to follow.

For this assignment, I made chords to match up with a motif from Pursuit of Happiness.

I like the chords that you chose. They match up with the happy melody nicely.

I kinda just messed around with a random scale until it didn't sound absolutely awful.

That's some nice Adele haha

I made a simple melody with a chord progression to give off a royal type of feel.